Monday, October 19, 2015

I'm all over the place right now.

(And tired as hell- As you can probably tell by my face).

For starters, I totally held a baby (my friend- Shelley's) and she liked me. (She'll be two months old in a couple of days). Like, not the usual complacent kind of liked, but for real likability. Clearly, I am the Baby Whisperer. And since this will probably never happen again (kids and I tend to not see eye to eye- because I think they're demons), I wanted proof. So, there it is.

October seems to just be a busy month all the way around. Seriously, it's like a never ending battle with events, change, and all the other "going ons".

I don't even know where to begin. I have so many posts that I want to write, so many things that I want to share and a mess of pictures that I want to post, and yet, I can't seem to get to all of it. I thought maybe I would start out small and just do a little catch up day by day, but even that seems to be a daunting task. It's like I just can't get ahead for love nor money.

There are things that have happened and tasks that have been completed (the moving/unpacking is the majority of the way done- Hallelujah!!) and we've been going non-stop with all of it. Seriously, I don't know if we've had a weekend or a full evening off without some sort of task awaiting to be done. It's a never ending battle (not unlike the Battle of Helm's Deep).

But I have made it a mission of mine to update and try to catch back up. Which, if we're being perfectly honest, is quite a bit to take on considering I have a month worth of craziness to write about. It's all good though, Momma's good (just got a check-up today with her neurologist and things are looking good- HALLELUJAH!! I could not be happier with that news), Greg is doing good, he's still pimping his room out like there's not tomorrow. Tayder is a little sore, but I'm going to go ahead and contribute that to everything that's been going on (i.e. craziness) and his harness. And me?! Well, let's just say that I'm still chugging along and going to try to catch up with my sanity (however, I think that ship has long sailed into the horizon).

Also, remind me to talk about me being sick. Let's just say, red fettuccine noodles came out of my nose, and leave that story for another day.