Tuesday, October 20, 2015

We had our annual company picnic. (Almost two weeks ago).

(And promptly wanted to punch like twenty people in the face).

I've mentioned in the past about our "annual company picnic" and shared random pictures from the events since I started working at my current job. Nothing too big or anything, but like I said, it's been mentioned.

Almost two weeks ago (oops) on October 10, we had this years. Ever since Aunt Susi made Dani and I responsible for them, we've held them more towards autumn instead of the usual June/July (because we took a vote and the vote was: Dani and Katie- 02 vs Everybody else- 00. In other words, we were tired of sweating so much, so they didn't get a vote).

We had discussed not having one at all, because attendance over the last five or so years has been low. And no, it's not just me, I haven't even been here that long. The employees just seem to want to do other things and if we're being perfectly honest with each other, most are jerks. So, you know, there's that.

This year was no exception. Besides Dani and I (with three people that we brought between us, I brought Momma and Dani had her husband Chris that works with us and her little girl), Tony and his son, our other warehouse guy, Uncle Roger (with Aunt Susi- she invited Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob like every other year) and Aunt Poot and Uncle Darrell (he's retired from our company), there was five employees to show up.

FIVE. And only one of them (a guy brought his wife and three of his kids) had family with them. Oh, and one guy brought his wife. That's it. Apparently the majority of the other guys were trying to "make a statement" by not coming. Well, they succeeded. I don't know what "statement" that they were trying to make, but the "statement" that was received was-

"Whatevs. All of us there had a real good time; We ate tasty food and treats; Had our pictures drawn by a caricature artist; Laughed and painted pumpkins. If you didn't want to come, that's all on you. But, jokes on you in the end, because we all took home the leftovers and they, too, were delicious."

And the President of our company decided to put them (the company picnics) off from now on. And probably also our Christmas party. Why? Because all of that shit is expensive as hell and a shit ton of work, and since the ones of us that plan it (i.e. Dani and I) don't care if we have it or not, we've decided no. While we all had fun, it's just too much money and work to have that small of a turnout.

And we're (again- Dani and I) perfectly ok with that. Afterall, that's just time that we can have to do what we really want. (Like drink and watch tv).