Wednesday, October 21, 2015

No one has used that "group" since May.

(I think we were trying to channel the Brady Bunch).

This past Saturday the women in my family got together (minus a few that already had plans) like we do from time to time. We met up at Aunt Susi's house around eleven(ish- more like twelve) and were there until around two. I think. I can't be trusted with an actual/accurate timeline.

This whole "group" thing started years and years ago, with the sisters getting together to hang out, eat and make crafts. It was originally called- "sisters" or "sister get-together" or something like that, because it was originally just of course, the sisters in the family.

And over the years they started bringing their daughters and inviting the daughter-in-laws and it kept growing and then drama broke out (because how is there not drama when that many people that don't see each other, but once a year get together?) and they stopped having it.

And then this past year around December, Aunt Susi brought up the idea of having it again. You know, because the ones of us that come just want to get together, talk a bit, maybe eat or drink a little something and leave. We want no drama. Basically, because I hate it and it's tiring.

Her and Dani discussed it and Aunt Susi decided that she would be in charge of planning, since it was her idea and she would want something to do when she retired come May. (And if we're being honest here, she has OCD- besides the point). And her first executive decision as "group planner" was to have Dani make a FB page and add all of the ones that would be coming (and actually had FB), that way we could all post in it about our plans, pictures and etc. You know, so no one would be left out.

And that worked for about a couple of months (when Dani would post in it) and then I'm not really sure what happened. Everybody kind of just resorted to texting, because they got just so "up in the air" and people were responsible for telling other people, and then some people got forgotten, and then there really weren't definitive plans and people were showing up and others weren't. It was just a cluster f*** of a situation.

And the last post that was made in the FB group entitled- "The Girls" was by Dani on May 6th. That was, until I noticed it this morning while I was perusing (insomnia- party of one) FB and decided to post something, since it hadn't been used in almost six months. In case you're wondering (you're totally not), I posted a picture of Aunt Winnie from this past Saturday with fake, orange vampire teeth in her mouth and multi-colored feathers in her hair. Because that shit was hilarious.

Originally, we were all supposed to try and get together every other month. And it's very amusing to me that our first one was in February and the next one was May, which means that we were late right out of the gate.

After our Mothers Day get together, it was just kind of put off, because a bunch of shit just started going down. Like, people were going on vacations and others were moving, then a couple went to the hospital and so on and so forth. The point is, we all just kind of thought that we weren't doing it anymore, because we hadn't in around five months.We had all seen each other and spent time together, just not all of us at the same time. And now that I think about it, I think that Momma, Patsy and I are the only ones that see Shantel away from these things. Not the point. Also, most of us got together in September to have lunch with Aunt Linda before she went back down to Florida. But Dani and I couldn't stay long, because we were on our lunch break and a couple others were working. Momma and Poot had just come from the doctor. Aunt Susi had an appointment. Again, it was just all over the place and not considered a "get together".

Then Aunt Susi said "they" decided to have one on October 17th. (And by "they" I mean she decided and Aunt Mary seconded her vote, because they were the only two there- don't worry, we're all fine with that). And it "had to" be October 17th, because our company picnic was the 10th (a lot of our family works at, is retired from or is married to someone who works at the company that Dani and I do) and I guess my cousin Corey (whom I don't even talk to and haven't in years) is getting married on the 24th (only Aunt Susi and Aunt Mary are going to his wedding, and maybe Shantel and them, I don't know, but whatever you get that some people are going). Dani made the mistake of asking why it couldn't be on a Friday evening or Sunday. There was an answer, but I don't even remember what it was.

So, the ones of us that could make it (there were a few that had previous plans already in place, and the "get together" was kind of late notice) headed on over to Aunt Susi's last Saturday. And we all had a good time. We laughed, cut up, took pictures, talked, and Aunt Susi and Aunt Mary made all of us facinators to wear as a joke/craft. It was real cute and we agreed to have a Christmas "get together" (that is apparently going to be at Aunt Mary's and Aunt Susi is supposed to let us all know when, what time and what to bring).

Personally, I think we should use the group to put plans out there. We'll still all text each other and talk about it when we see each other. BUT if we put it on FB where everyone is tagged, then people can't say they weren't invited, didn't know about it, and then we'll just all have it right there where we can all see it. Makes sense to me, we'll see how this goes. (By the way, I hope Aunt Susi makes those brownies she made this past Saturday for the next one, because they were delicious!!).