Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas with the Crazies.

(My family is a little bit..... well insane.)

We tend to not follow the rules and get loopy at the drop of a hat. There's about five million of us. My Grammy and Grandpa had somewhere between 11-13 kids  (I don't really know for sure) and needless to say with that many kids, we have alot of cousins. While we have that many cousins, there are only a few of us that stay in touch and are close.

-Side note: I'm watching the movie- Winters Tale and it's so amazing. Seriously, if every guy could be and act and love like Peter Lake we would all be good. This movie is just heartbreaking and loving at the same time. I need to get this book.

Anyways, back to the whole Christmas/ Family thing. As you can see from the pictures above, we have our own special set of issues. And sadly, that's not even all of us in the pictures. There are plenty more that we just don't have around too much. Of course, I see Dani and Bonehead on a regular basis, because I work with them, but they spend the holidays with their closer extended family. I'm telling you guys, there are SO MANY of us.

But we love each other, even if it's in our own weird/ special way. We bicker and fight and argue, but we have each others back. Well, the majority of us have the others backs and the rest are just assholes. Don't get me wrong, we're all assholes, but we admit it and don't make any excuses for it. It's just us. And we're mostly proud of it. If people don't like us, then we usually tell them to go on somewhere.

So, here was what my Christmas looked like this year. It was filled with laughter, food, fun, love and selfies. You can blame the selfies on me, I got a "selfie stick" for Christmas and Ashley and I are pretty sure that it's one of the coolest things ever invented. We had way too much fun with it.

Sending lots of love from me and mine.