Monday, December 28, 2015

Another three-day weekend is coming.

(And it just can't get here fast enough).

You ever have those moments to where you've slept, but you're still really tired? I'm currently there. I slept a little this past weekend, but trying to tell my body that is a whole other story within itself. The way I'm pulling it around today you would think that I hadn't slept in a week. Which was kind of true last week, but like I said, I slept this past weekend. Not overslept, but a little. Still not enough? Whatevs.

I'm currently trying to get ahold of our Landlord (well, we rent from a property group- so them), because as we speak there is a nice puddle forming in my kitchen from the leaky roof and baseboards..... which could have been handles in the dry/ hot months had they listened to me, but NOOO they had to wait until the cold/ wet months..... Ok, I'm gonna let it go. The anger, not the phone call, because it still needs fixed.

Today is the first day that it's really felt like Winter to me. I know that sounds dumb saying on December 25th, but it's the truth. Most of this month has been full of 60-70 degree days and has only been dipping low few and far between. There hasn't been a need for more than a sweatshirt, if even that.

But today? Oh, today.....

The heat was out when I got to work this morning (luckily, it was fixed with a quick change of filter), the temperature is somewhere in the 20-30 range and the wind is ridiculous. Plus, it's been raining for about three days straight, so everything is already icky.And don't get me wrong, we've totally lucked out so far, but it just all caught me kind of off guard. And it shouldn't have I know, but it did. And now I'll quit complaining about it.

This is another short week for me (New Years Day is Friday). Hopefully nothing like last week (with Momma being in the hospital and all), but no Friday for me this week. Danielle is (supposed to be) taking Thursday off, so I'm sure it will feel weird again. But she needs a day or two off and a four day weekend just might do her some good. I know a three-day weekend sounds pretty nice. Until then- it's Monday.