Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Hospitals: A story of love and hate.

(I love them for what they do and I hate them, because too much of my family has been in one all year long).

Momma has been in the hospital since yesterday morning. She's been sick on and off for about a month, and while she went to the doctor a few times within that time span, they couldn't seem to figure out what was going on.

Well, yesterday her doctor (whom I love and think is the greatest of all time) figured out what was wrong. After she diagnosed it, she made a call and told us to get to the emergency room asap. What was it? Good question. 


You see, she had an infection in her throat (not quite strep throat yet, but blisters were present) and a UTI. With her being diabetic, that's more of a problem than usual, because infection will cause a persons blood sugar to go sky high (and it's about 1000x worse when diabetes is involved). 

Therefore, her blood sugar reached 557 and the side effects were blurred vision, offset balance and nausea. Because she was throwing up so much, she became dehydrated (BOO!!!!!).

They gave her a shot of phenegran and Aunt Poot and I took her to the ER very quickly (I.e. Poot almost got a ticket).

Once we were in the ER they did some tests, took some vitals, drew some blood and started an IV full of fluids for her. After awhile a doctor came in and informed us that he was admitting her, because the labs came back all wonky (due to the dehydration).

Then this morning the doctor came in and talked to us about her results. 

What he said: "Unfortunately I'm not going to be discharging you today (Momma was very upset about that). Your labs have improved, but it wasn't a massive improvement like I would like. Your creatine levels are still high (they were 3.7 when we came in and he read them at a 3.2 this morning and they're supposed to be around a 1.1) and I want to keep giving you fluids and hopefully they come down."

Then they told us that they found a mass on her kidney (they had done a catscan and ultrasound earlier for "precautionary" reasons) and that they were going to have to figure out what exactly it is. 

Of course I freaked out (because I always go to the worse case scenario first).

A lady came in and explained to us that they would like their kidney expert to take a look at her scans to determine what was going on. We agreed that we wanted the best person to take a look. He's supposed to be here at 6:30am so we'll see how that goes. 

Momma has informed me that she's going home tomorrow come hell or high water, because she's spending the damn holidays at home.

I've been staying at the hospital with her (she sometimes loses her train of thought and the docs/nurses need information and I know everything to tell them) and I couldn't thank Dani, Aunt Susi and Uncle Roger enough. I hate missing work, but I feel like this is really important and I need to be here. And they're amazing for understanding the situation and everything that's happening (although I'm pretty sure Uncle Roger is so pissed at me that he would love to fire me- and he still might). 

So here I sit watching Momma sleep (phenegran tends to have that effect), writing this blog post, watching the cooking channel (I watched Guy Fieris DDD until 4:00 this morning) and hoping for the absolute best. Don't tell, but I'm a little freaked out and I'm hoping that specialist comes in tomorrow morning and says- you're fine, false alarm!! 

Here's to hoping.