Wednesday, December 23, 2015

I wonder what it's like to be a phlebotomist.

(We're still at the hospital).

And by "we" I mean Momma and I are here, but I'm not a patient, only she is. I'm just staying with her. 

The phlebotomist came in at about 5:00am (don't worry, we've been awake for a LONG time) to redraw her labs so the docs know what's going on. She's been on fluids since we took her to the ER (Monday- 11:00am), so basically she's been on round the clock IV fluid drip for about three days. That's a lot of damn fluid.

Her appetite has returned (thank god- she's lost like eighteen pounds in a month, because she couldn't eat and everything that she did manage to eat came back up) and while she's talking on the phone (apparently we're not the only ones up at 3:30am) I'm waiting for 7:00am so I can order her breakfast and go get mine from the cafeteria. 

I'm pretty sure that she's going home today (excitement- party of two) and if that's true, I'll be going back to work tomorrow (and maybe Uncle Roger won't fire and/or murder me- Dani might help him if he decides to). I feel bad about being off, but I have to be here for her. 

Her blood sugar went up a bit last night. It wasn't horrible or anything, but it was higher than its been running. In all fairness though, it was night and the nurses were switching shifts so she hadn't had her blood sugar meds, nor her insulin. Once she had those it smoothed back out (Yay!!).

So now, we sit here and wait to see the kidney specialist so we know what's going on and what the next step is (although if you ask Momma the "next step" is the one that she'll be taking to go home- she's got jokes this morning). Is it tacky to ask for luck so it (the mass on her kidney) really is nothing? 

Well, I don't care if it is tacky- I'm asking for a little. 

For now though, we'll watch the news (people really do suck), avoid the televangelists on tv (those two things are about the only things on this early in the morning) and wait to have breakfast (we want ALL the food, even though we- mostly her, because of her diabetes and such, but I won't eat in front of her like that).

Tacky or not- Wish us luck.

UPDATE: The kidney specialist just came in to talk to us (they weren't playing when they said he comes in early to talk to patients) and gave us good news. Have I ever mentioned how much I love good news?! Because I do. He was very polite and informative. 

He told us that he wouldn't even call it a "mass"- he calls it a growth. It's actually been there since June 2012 and it's actually gotten smaller since then. 

Therefore, he said it doesn't seem to be a serious problem or anything like that. 

However, he wants Momma to come back in March 2016 to do a test to check it out. They don't want to do it now, because of the shape that her kidneys are in (from dehydration). So, she has to come back in March 2016 to have a test done, just to make sure that everything's copacetic. And would you like to know what else he said?! 

He said- "It's not serious. Go home and have a happy holiday and my office will call you to set up your appointment. Don't worry or stress about any of this and have a Merry Christmas." He even drew us a picture to explain it all.

But he did say one thing that really bothered me (and Momma). He said that when she came into the ER and in the state that she was in, that she had experienced renal failure. RENAL FAILURE. Luckily, she had some really good doctors and nurses that brought her back from it all. She still feels pretty weak, but she's eating (she's lost 16 pounds during all of this) and kidding around. She's just Momma again and I couldn't be happier about it.

It's nice to be home (and she completely agrees).