Friday, December 25, 2015

I just did the dishes against my will.

(I need to do a couple loads of laundry..... But who's counting?!).

Today is Christmas and while most people are caught up in all of the holiday miracles around them taking place, I'm sitting in our chair with Tayder on my lap contemplating doing the laundry (I really really need to).

But I'm tired and the thought of having to actually get my big butt up is too much for me to handle. But it all needs done, because for our Christmas dinner (we went to Poot and Uncle Darrell's) we made Grammy's Potato Salad (it's the best thing EVER- and I don't even like potato salad), Pea Salad, Mac&Cheese and Deviled Eggs. Yeah, I'm sure you can imagine what our kitchen smells like now.

So, I did the dishes (there were a shit ton) and I'll clean the rest of the house tomorrow or Sunday (most likely tomorrow).

We went down to Poot's to open presents and then we all had to go home to finish up the food and put some different clothes on. I really wanted to be able to get Momma, Poot and Solae more (not Greg, because he never likes what I get him anyways), but unfortunately this little thing called "poor" is a real life experience that I'm practicing at this time. Want to know what all I got for Christmas (just today)?!

Ok, I'll tell you:

(2) Fleece Mossy Oak Shirts, The Rolling Stones T-shirt, Flannel Shirt (Grey), Sons of Anarchy Shirt, Star Wars Shirt, SELFIE STICK, Make-up Brushes, Fuzzy Socks, Popcorn Tin, Tank Top, Soft/ Fluffy Camo Lounge Jacket, Katniss Cowl

Frankly, I would say that I made out like a bandit, because of all of the stuff that I got today- and that's not even counting the things that I received on random days. And speaking of Christmas..... I took down our Christmas tree tonight (it's Momma and I's tradition) and I took down all of the decorations inside. All that's left is outside and it's not very much, just (1) Penguin Blow-up, (1) String of Lights and a couple of Candy Cane Solar Lights that don't work for shit. Go figure. And then Momma and I will probably sit here and do what we're doing now. Tv, talking, Tayder Love, maybe a blog post, maybe not.

Y'all sleep good and have sweet dreams! Merry Christmas!!