Sunday, December 13, 2015

I swear you just can't take us anywhere.

(But we're pretty damn hilarious).

I don't always wear a camo Santa hat with fake reindeer antlers inside of a fake frame. But when I do, I make sure it's when I'm surrounded by people I love. And you know, when Aunt Susi talks me into it!!

Today was our annual "sister get together" (they don't want to call it a "sister" thing anymore, because it's all the girls in the family, but we all still have the habit). And can I just say that it was SO fun and hilarious?!! I don't think the laughter stopped for more than ten seconds the entire day!!

Side note: Momma, Poot and I had breakfast early this morning before our get together..... because apparently when I'm hungry, "I'm grumpy!!" (Their words, not mine). And honestly I don't think I even chewed my waffle, I think I inhaled it and it was SO delicious. Waffles!!

Even Aunt Linda got to fly up from Florida and spend it with us!! There were a few people that didn't show and we're officially convinced that they're assholes (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AND IT'S YOUR LOSS, BECAUSE WE'RE HILARIOUS!!), but we didn't let any of that slow us down or stop us from having a great time!! It was their loss, because we're a damned ole hoot and a half!!

We did the whole "Dirty Santa" thing again, and Aunt Susi decided to do it a little different than usual this time around. None of us really understood it (she later said that we messed up), but it was still fun and we all cracked up!! There was delicious food (every candy/cookie that you can think of, ham/turkey pinwheels, veggie bars, cherry delight, taco/cheese dip..... and alcohol).

We even did a craft this time around!! We made little owls out of pinecones and wine corks. My owls turned out looking a bit like Arnie from What's Eating Gilbert Grape, but I'm just saying that makes it have more character!!

All in all, it was a fantastic time!! Aunt Susi put out a frame covered in Christmas lights and had a million props for us all to use and get our pictures taken!! (She said she'll make me copies, because her camera makes my camera its bitch). The goofier the better!! I don't have a copy of it yet, but I bet the one with Dani and I (and our beer) incites hilarity when you look at it!!

We all can't wait until the next one (sometime around Easterish- Aunt Susi is already brewing with ideas!!). And even though Momma was sick (she's felt horrible for days and has to call the doctor tomorrow), she laughed and loved it!! I love seeing her smile and happy!!

See y'all once Winter breaks!!