Sunday, January 10, 2016

She had the best laugh.

(This is Lorrie and Mrs. Pauline. And they're great ladies).

Lorrie is a friend of mine from Tennessee. I took care of her mother (Mrs. Pauline) for quite a few years and Lorrie and I became fast friends. Afterall, you can only spend so much time with someone before you either love them or hate their guts. Lucky for me, they're fantastic people and it ended up being love for us.

Anyone that has ever met either of those ladies and doesn't love them dearly has some serious problems. Honestly, if anyone has a problem with them in any sense of the word, it is strictly their own fault, because you will never meet a sweeter pair of friends. I'm honored to call them my friends and am beyond lucky to have them in my life.

During our time spent together there were happy times (no one around gave better hugs or kisses), there were funny times (she's the only woman alive that I've wrestled a "gator" for), there were sad times (every now and then the dementia took hold) and there were terrifying times (like the time that she was diagnosed with pneumonia and was sick for weeks upon weeks). But through it all, they came out the other side just as sweet and lovable as they have always been. I think it's just in their nature. I guess what I'm trying to say and just haven't came out and actually said it is-

I love them. They're my family. Not by blood, but by love and choice.

This morning I got a message from Lorrie informing me that Mrs. Pauline had passed. And I cried. How do you not when it's someone you love?

No matter how many times that I've had to deal with this sort of thing in my life, no matter how many times that I've had to say goodbye to family, friends, loved ones, patients it just never gets any easier. There's nothing that makes it easier. We learn to go on, but that doesn't mean that we learn to "move on." We just learn how to carry it with us through memories and love.

Therefore, to that I say:

Sometimes you meet people and they become your family; it's not all about being related by blood, but about how much you care and love each other. And then sometimes in life people that you love don't get to stay with you..... Even though you want them to. This little lady right here? I love her. She's the only woman that I would "wrestle a gator" for. And her daughter? I love her just as much. They are my family- not blood related, but through love. I'm going to miss you Mrs. Pauline- and I'll love you forever. And Lorrie- I love you too!! If you need me, I'm here.

Love, your little Katie.