Monday, January 11, 2016

Hello- it's me..... Coming from the frozen side.....

(Current mood: You've got to be effing kidding me).

I want a burrito and a bottle of wine.

We're eleven days into this new year (2016) and I have to say that I'm thoroughly unimpressed so far. I mean, nothing bad has happened (if you don't think my furnace going out the coldest night of this season so far is bad- I'll get to that in a minute) and it's been perfectly fine thus far, but basically any year that doesn't resurrect Heath Ledger and make him my boyfriend (we are extremely committed to each other, but neither of us likes the idea of "marriage") is pretty much a disappointment to me.

Things have been incredibly cold around these parts lately. If you're wondering what I mean by incredibly cold- it was seven degrees outside this morning when I ventured off to work. Seven. Like, single digit. And while that might not seem cold to some, like the states that are currently dealing with -28 degree temperatures, to me, it's effing cold. We have a few inches of snow and at least an inch if not more of ice below that. Oh, and our furnace went out Saturday night. Yes, instead of the chilly yet livable nights that it could have went out and been fixed before the ice storm, it chose Saturday. Which was about 10 degrees, so you know, fun for the whole family.

Luckily, I managed to figure out how to reset it to keep it semi-decent until this morning where it then crapped completely out and our house was about 35 degrees. I tried calling my landlords "emergency maintenance" line from Saturday until this morning and you'll be happy to learn that apparently "emergency maintenance" line means "we don't return phone calls and really mean nothing at all" lines. If you can't tell, they never returned my call. But after two fairly bitchy calls to my actual landlords office, they came and fixed our heat. And from what I hear, Tayder is very happy about it.

Other than that I really have no other news. We're all trying to avoid more snow and if you're like me then you're handling this all like "Winter Katie"- there's basically a whole lot of staying in the house, drinking wine, eating burritos and watching Netflix. Which coincidentally is just like "Spring/ Summer/ Fall Katie." Such a glamorous life that I lead. Now, if you'll excuse me I'm going to hit publish on this, go microwave a burrito and Momma and I are going to embark on the cinematic adventure that is- Magic Mike XXL. Because watching Channing Tatum dance is amazing (just check out him and his wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum on LSB- it's fantastic!!).

And also, two words- Joe. Manganiello.

Stay warm out there, folks!!