Tuesday, February 9, 2016

I cried all of the tears.

(Screw you, Nicholas Sparks- again.).

Let's talk for just a minute about the movie that has ruined my complete effing life (since last night). The movie in question is- The Best of Me. And if you're one of those people that reads anything that I write on a regular basis (do people like you even exist?) then you're probably asking the question- Why do you continue to do this to yourself?!! Probably because I'm always snarky instead of lovestruck after I watch one of his films.

But I digress.

Because this time I'm not snarky about the story-line between the two main characters. In fact, this time around I actually really liked it. All of it. The part that screws with a little piece of my soul though is the story-line between Dawson (the main character) and the man that took him in when he was a homeless/ abused teen just looking for a way out of his family life- Tuck.

Tuck was a widower just living out his lonely life when Dawson happened into his barn one night to get out of the rain and sleep a little bit. He tries to play the tough ole guy that doesn't care, but you can literally see that fade in about three seconds. And they end up forming a father/ son bond that is..... just watch it for yourself. I mean, the whole damn movie is sad. It's just sad for everybody up in there (except Dawson's dad and brothers- I don't like them and they're assholes). But it's sad in a way that..... Oh hell, like I said, just watch it.

Not to mention all of the actors and the actual story-line itself was awesome. And there were parts that were nothing short of hilarious- Amanda: You've gotten pretty good. Dawson: Yeah, I been practicing a little. Amanda: ..... With who? Dawson: ..... With Tuck. Ha! Cracks me up. Sorry, you probably had to be there for that to make sense or for you to actually find it funny.

Watch it. Watch it now and cry all of the tears.