Friday, September 16, 2016

Hello Friday, you beautiful wench.

(Hold, hold on, hold onto me, 'cause I'm a little unsteady.... and waiting on Friday to get its ass on over here already. At least the wait is over.).

And, this picture perfectly describes how I'm making it through this week.... hanging on by a damn thread and prayer.

After I get off of work today, I don't come back until Wednesday.

You may think that I'm talking a little roadtrip or vacation but, the truth is I'm taking off Monday and Tuesday because, Momma is having eye surgery on Monday and I wanted to make sure that I was there not only for the surgery but, for the next day as we don't know how it will affect her. We start one thing of her drops today, the second set starts on Sunday, then she'll have antibiotic drops for after the surgery. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Other than that, everything is pretty basic around these parts. Tayder has the driest skin of any dog in the county (and I have now affectionately changed his name to "Ichibum" because, the poor little thing just scratches his ass on everything these days). Our neighbors had their baby (and apparently you're supposed to congratulate people on that?). And we're back to our smaller tv because, the other one went kaput and didn't work out. You win some, you lose some.... right? Oh, and I'm almost done with the fourth season of Justified.... so, there's that.

Aunt Poot is taking us into Momma's surgery because, she wants to be there. No matter what kind of doctor and/or surgery, we both tend to get very nervous when it comes to Momma (and that ain't changing anytime soon). She recently got back from a little roadtrip herself, as she went to see a friend of hers and get away for a couple of days. She seemed relaxed when she got back but, she's been back for a couple of days now and I'm pretty sure that her stress levels have skyrocketed back on up there.

I haven't been sleeping too great lately; unless you count the night that I was awoken at two in the morning convinced that I was being pulled out of my bed by the hair of the head. I immediately grabbed my bat and started swinging, before I woke up more and realized that Tayder had crawled up to sleep atop my head and had somehow managed to get all four of his paws wrapped in my hair.... and it was him that was yanking me around by the head trying to get away.

Other than that though, sleep has alluded me. And this week has been at least seventeen days long.