Wednesday, December 14, 2016

I shouldn't have eaten that sausage dip.

Y'all, I'm just now getting back on my feet from a week ago (and still not very well at it). Wednesday I got up for work and went in perfectly fine.... then 9:00 am hit and all hell broke loose.

I started puking, but after the first time I felt fine and attributed it to getting too dizzy.... and then I puked a second time.... and then a third. Once the third time came and went Danielle demanded that I go home. Not politely asked, but demanded it. She politely asked me if I needed to go home the first two times.... the third she told me to get my ass on somewhere that wouldn't infect her.

So, home I went. Half a day on Wednesday and all of Thursday.

I didn't get up off the couch except to pee without that time frame, either. I just kind of laid there half-ass watching Netflix (TWD) and Lethal Weapon and dozing off.... when I wasn't puking that is. I returned to work on Friday, not feeling all that great, but I hate missing work when I don't have to and it was only one day.... right?! Sure.

I was icky on Friday evening (go figure), but not "horrible" and come Saturday I had a bit more hop in my step and it was our "Annual Girls Get Together" for Christmas. I went, did my thing and had a blast. We did 'Secret Santa', ate a ton of food, exchanged stories, did a few craft (we made air fresheners and hand/whatever warmers that you heat in the microwave out of rice). I started feeling a bit flushed, but nothing ridiculous and once we had our fun (it was three? four? more? hours long) we headed home.

And that's when it hit me. As soon as I walked in the door I had to run to the bathroom to puke.... again.... and this time, it was Dani's delicious sausage dip. You know, delicious when you're eating it, not when you're puking it. And I proceeded to puke the rest of the evening.

I haven't been "sick" since then, but I'm still feeling weak and my stomach could be better.... then again, it could be worse. I think I need to eat a chicken quesadilla to know for sure, but since I don't have one I'll just go ahead and call it. I'm not sure why I still feel cruddy (tired, achy, icky all around), but I do and it bites.... and it's been a week now so COME ON.

On the bright side though, we had a real good time with those hilarious ladies that I'm related to.... well, most of them.... you know who you are party pooper!!