Friday, December 16, 2016

I want to talk about The Walking Dead.

And not the new season (7). I haven't even begun to get close to that (although I know who got killed in the season premiere, because the entire world was upset about it- me included). I'm talking about seasons one and two. Because I'm a loser and am trying to catch up.... except I can't keep up with Glenn or Daryl because one is quick on his feet and the other is a rounded out badass.... ok, they're both badass, but I digress.

As I've previously mentioned here and here, I am trying to catch up on the series via Netflix.

It's working out real well and I only have one episode of the second season left.... on the last episode, Shane killed a dude (again), tried to cover it up (again), and contemplated/attempted to kill Rick (again). While that was a long time coming, I feel the need to call out some of the other "wtf?!" moments that I have encountered so far (and I'm only two seasons in!).

We'll start with Lori. Ugh, Lori. Look, I get that Shane left Rick in the hospital and told his wife/son that he was dead so that they would agree to going with him so he could protect them, I really get it. While I feel like it would feel shitty, we all know that there was no way he was getting his unconscious /fairly lifeless body out.... not to mention Rick was hooked up to a ventilator/feeding tube (actually, he wasn't, which is completely absurd considering he was in a coma) and IVs. The people "saving" Rick's life literally thought/said he couldn't make it on his own without all of that. Now, I ask you, how was Shane supposed to know he would just wake up out of his coma? He thought without all of that Rick was certain for death....


I don't have a problem with the fact that she left the husband that she thought was dead behind, she had a kid to think of.... I don't even have a problem with the fact that she managed to "move on" from Rick (even though it was with his best friend and a little soon.... I guess slim-pickens in the apocalypse). What I have a problem with is the fact that she immediately gets super pissed off when her husband returns (again, refer to the previous, how was Shane supposed to know that he wasn't dead?) and never watches that damn kid of hers. If you're going to "lord" over people, the least you could do is make sure that you're not a giant asshat spewing mistakes and acknowledge that it's the apocalypse.... laundry not getting done, your boyfriend being a psycho, and the fact that you're the absolute worst is not the biggest problem you have. Not getting your face eaten is the biggy (for now).

Glenn + Maggie = YES. (I'm going to be so very sad come season 7).

My favorite part has got to be when Lone Ranger Daryl went out on the hunt for Sophia, fell down a cliff (twice), impaled himself with an arrow, and then pulled said arrow out to kill a walker that was going to eat his face (his pretty, pretty face.... sorry). Then the poor guy had to hallucinate his dead (allegedly) brother while puling himself up the cliff side (twice). Merle: "What's the matter Darlyna?! Can't quite make it?" Daryl: *gets to the top of the cliff and looks around for the hallucination* "Yeah, you better run!!" Cracks me up.

And then, there's Andrea. You know, when I used to switch hit the show, I never liked her. I was tricked into originally liking Shane (the episodes I watched just had Lori being a dick to him, I didn't see all of his asshatness until I watch through.... that dude is a dilhole), but Andrea? Nope. She literally had a gun for all of five minutes and decided that she was the only one that could do anything and went all Rambette. SHE SHOT DARYL.... and then immediately wanted the attention of being sorry. They literally told her not to shoot, she could have accidentally hit one of the other guys that were out there investigating (and were clearly handling it), and somehow everything is always everybody else's fault.

I get that she thought it was Beth's choice on whether or not to kill herself, but she knew how Maggie and Hershel would feel and it could cost their entire group their security/safety and she did it anyway with no forethought or regard.... so much for "protecting the group". Plus, she's been a douche to Dale (RIP) since the very beginning when all he has done is tried to help her (and her sister) and be a true friend. She was an ass and then got emotional when he died. You were a douche, you don't get to cry now.


Let's just all get it out of the way and admit that it was in fact Carl's fault that Dale died an extremely gruesome and terrible death. Just, hands down, 100% his fault. Well, maybe 98%.... the other 2% can go to his mother for, once again, never watching and/or disciplining that little jerk. But, aside from that it is his fault. I know that you're supposed to be sensitive to kids and their feelings and such.... BUT COME ON. Quit lying, Shane (again), it was most definitely his fault.

And that's all I got (for now). I still have a long ways to go.