Thursday, December 1, 2016

What in the actual f*ck?! I'm just going to ramble for a minute.... or six.

It's been an odd week. The days seem longer, the evenings seem shorter, and I really just want a giant bowl of nachos from Qdoba.... but I digress. Mostly because I'm in the home stretch until the weekend (having four and a half days off and coming back to work for a full week makes you feel the struggle.... or at least, that's what I'm going with).

This whole having holidays/weekends off thing has spoiled me. For years (I got my first "real job" two months before I turned fifteen.... back when you could hire a child and make them perform menial/degrading jobs for little to no pay.... ah, glory days) I worked every holiday and most weekends. And when I say every holiday, I mean it. I always wanted the gals/dudes that I worked with to have the holidays off with their kids, so I would pick up their shifts. But now, the company that I work for is closed on Government holidays (most of them, at least) and my department isn't open on weekends, so you know.... HUZZAH.

Also, I've come to realize that I'm basically a short/chubby version of Sweet Dee.... and I'm good with it.

I need to buy a lottery ticket. Twenty people just won the jackpot in the county that I used to reside in.... and I opened two packets of starbusts (two per pack) and ended up with three pinks and one red, so you can imagine how serious shit is getting right about now.

I've been meaning to be productive this week.... and to some degree, I have been. I'm caught up at work (mostly.... mostly), the inside of the house is decorated for Christmas (and by "decorated" I mean the tree is up with lights/ornaments on it and the couple of placemats with Santa are set out), the house is also clean, I made chocolate fudge (and have eaten none of it.... I don't even like chocolate fudge #pb4life), and Tayder and I are almost all the way through It's Always Sunny (for the second time) on Netflix.... we have our priorities in check.

I answer social media challenges with sarcasm.... and questions. My friend from back in the day (hi, Amanda!) tagged me on FB for a little "challenge". It's one of those things where they have a list of questions and you have to answer them all. Or, you can be like me and ignore/pretend that you didn't see that you were tagged in a post. You know, dealers choice. Here we go....

Do you have a gf/bf? No, I traded one in for happiness and self worth. Do you have animals? I have a small/furry child. Do you love someone? Sure. Do you annoy people? Absolutely.... I have no doubts on this one. Do you wear makeup? When it's needed (aka, at work otherwise I'm too lazy). Are you mean? I'm sarcastic.... and yes, also mean. Tall of short? Hobbit, party of one. Facebook or Twitter? Netflix. Green or Blue? Depends.... we talking clothes or candy? Cinderella or Belle? Jack Sparrow. Hoodies or Jackets? Is going into public with a blanket wrapped around you appropriate? No? Fine, hoodies. Nike or Adidas? I'M CHEAP AND HATE SHOES.... I prefer my boots, thanks though. Sports or no Sport? If I'm playing, no sports.... if Rob Gronkowski is involved, sports all day, every day.  Burger King or KFC? All the food. Just, all of it. Sweatpants or Shorts? Sweatpants.... they usually have pockets for my candy, flask, and allergy pills.

It's really cold outside (the weather has been wishy-washy) and I think that it's here to stay for awhile. Do you know what that means? More nachos and Netflix.... and I can't say that I'm sad about it (so happy). Winter is for avoiding people, drinking alcohol while using the excuse "it's the holiday season" and hibernating as much as possible.... of course, that's also my goal in life. That, and learning how to bake without directions.... I want to be able to just "eyeball" it.