Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tom Cruise and James Franco are my homies. (Except not really at all).

Have y'all seen some of the movies that they have coming out? Furthermore, have you seen the ones that have already been released and people are throwing a fit over? All summer all you heard about was Suicide Squad.... and it may be completely worth the hype, I haven't seen it to know, but that is literally the only thing that people were talking about.

Before that it was all about Captain America: Civil War (CA is my favorite Marvel man, but I haven't seen this.... yet), Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Deadpool (I have watched Deadpool, and yes, I thought that it was funny).... and now? It's all about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.... which I haven't seen, but have nothing against, because I LOVE Harry Potter, so anything else set in that world will probably be great. Also, Colin Farrell + Johnny Depp = YES.

I really wanted to see The Hateful Eight (and I did), but it was released in theatres towards the end of 2015 and other than that I have seen few films that were actually released in 2016. Especially considering how many I want to see (I'm looking at you, The Legend of Tarzan) and how much tv I watch (#noregrets- you do what you want in your spare time and I'll do what I want).

The ones I have seen are: The Forest (it was alright), Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (it's good, but also the same length as the original P&P, so snuggle in with some nachos and make time for a bathroom break), Deadpool (funny), London Has Fallen (Mike Banning = Badass), The Huntsman: Winter's War (far surpasses the Snow White/Huntsman movie), Me Before You (it was great and I cried like a baby), Now You See Me 2 (Tallahassee and Baby Franco all the way), The Conjuring 2 (ah....), Central Intelligence (some people didn't seem to like this one, but I thought it was hilarious), The Shallows (watching Blake Lively sew her own leg up with a necklace was gruesome as hell), The Purge: Election Year (I was scared that was how the 2016 election was going to turn out), and Ghostbusters (loved it more than the original).

I know that's like twelve movies (one for each month maybe?), but considering how many movies/tv shows that I actually do watch, it's not very many.... it's probably because I can't seem to stop watching repeats of the same show (It's Always Sunny) and movies (LOTR #noregrets).

The problem is I don't really go to the movies very often. In fact, hardly ever.... and I want to be supportive of films and such, but I just don't trust people and in all honesty I prefer to watch it all at my house so I can drink alcohol (even though I have snuck that into the theatre before) and eat nachos (again, I've snuck food in).... plus, that's where my dog and all of my stuff is, so I just prefer it that way.

Maybe I can catch up on a couple since winter is officially upon us (probably not, I'll just watch LOTR and It's Always Sunny more) and there are a few more that aren't out in theatres yet and a couple I'm just waiting on the dvd (Hacksaw Ridge).... and there's always Redbox so maybe I'll watch the others?

Either way, I really want to see Why Him? (James Franco is hilarious- weird- but hilarious and Bryan Cranston can only add to that) and The Mummy.... now, I take a firm stance against trying to redo the 1999 version, because Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz are the only mummy hunters that I usually recognize.... BUT this doesn't look like it's even trying to remake a piece of the 1999 version.... it wants to be its own thing and I totally stand by that. Besides, it looks like it's going to be really good and I'll basically watch anything with Tom Cruise.... add that to my 2017 list (June 09, 2017). Let's be honest though, I'll probably wait for the dvd.... too bad it's not out already to go onto my "hibernation schedule".