Thursday, January 12, 2017

Well, that was interesting.

I didn't think anything much was going to happen yesterday (01/11). Afterall, it was a random Wednesday and there are no holidays until next week (MLK, Jr. Day 01/16). The only plans that I had were the fact that we needed to go to the grocery store after I got home from work (which we did and now I want to go home and eat all of it) and then I was going to cook supper and we were going to finish watching Fuller House (we've been binge watching, #teamsteve forever, more on that some other time).

But then, it happened. What happened?! Stupidity. Stupidity is what happened.

No worries, it wasn't my own stupidity that happened, nor was it the stupidity of anyone I know and/or love. No, this was all on a complete stranger that could've hurt and/or potentially killed someone, all because he made a series of horrible decisions that culminated and later exploded in a fury of dumbassery. (And yes, we are currently pretending that 'dumbassery' is a word).

Let me start from the beginning.

Yesterday around 1-1:30 (I can't remember the exact time, but I know that Dani and Chris had just returned from lunch) and everything was quiet. It usually is in our office, the only noise you can hear for the most part is the radio. I was standing in front of Dani's desk looking at some paperwork when all of the sudden I heard the loudest crack/boom that I've ever heard in my entire life, our building shook, all our electricity shut down, and I immediately started smelling something burning.

I ran downstairs and outside and saw Dani and Tony standing there clearly befuddled by what they were seeing. And when I turned the corner, I understood why.

As shared via my social media: "Well, that was interesting.... the dumbass that was driving the red car was fleeing from police and managed to not only wipe out after ramping the RR tracks (Vin Diesel, he is not) and hit the telephone pole, but also hit another car.... and tried to make a run for it. A very short run, as all of those nice policemen that you see in this picture were there and he rethought that decision. Wisest thing that he's done all day. As far as we can tell, thankfully, everyone is ok. Only at this job."

According to reports the man that was fleeing had robbed a bank (possibly two) and had fled to the interstate and for some reason had decided to turn off of said interstate to a few side roads (he's obviously never seen a movie about criminals in his entire life). He came down the last road he was traveling at 120 mph and hit the RR tracks doing 110 mph. He then proceeded to get out of the car to run on foot, looked over his shoulder and saw about thirty cop cars an probably as many weapons pointed at him.... and he dropped straight to the ground.

Now, you say what you want to about policemen/women.... I understand there have been many things that have happened involving police officers and I am not for one minute saying that there are not people that abuse their place of power behind a badge. However, I am saying that I believe that while there are those abuses of power and corruption, there are also good people out there that are outweighing the bad and trying to keep people safe and help them.

And those people have earned my respect and gratitude. They are out there risking their lives to protect ours and they are doing their jobs. Those people deserve to go home to their families safely each and everyday.... unfortunately, there are people making decisions like this that are preventing that from happening. This could have turned out so much worse and I'm beyond glad that it didn't.

Now I ask you, what was this dude's endgame? You're not John Dillinger and this isn't 1920.... you're going to get caught. One way or another, because I'm sorry, but I just do not believe that he is smarter than every other person out there (as proven). Our streets were pretty busy for awhile with people having to turn and detour and police/paramedics at the scene (and yes, he totally blew that transformer and cracked the telephone pole), but it was much calmer by the time we got off of work.

And now, you would never know anything happened if you didn't see it firsthand or on the news.