Sunday, March 5, 2017

When I was twelve years old.

I had horrible hair (look at the picture if you need to see just how bad it is.). A friend of mine (kind of friend? I haven't seen her in years and we weren't really close or anything) was going through some old drawers and photos a week or so ago and she found it. And by it, I mean look at this picture.

The girl who's photo it is is the gal wearing the orange shirt and glasses.... the guy is my friend Liz's big brother (and by big brother, I mean BIG.... I once seen a truck hit him and he stood up and moved the truck by hand).

He was real nice and I'm pretty sure it was Liz that took this picture (even though I totally forgot that it existed). The other gal is his girlfriend. But, while I think this picture is great (there's nothing like old photos), the most hilarious part to me is.... my hair.

Because #JeffFoxworthyHairDontCare .

Do y'all see why I am always talking about going through a hair crisis?! I have very clearly had a problem with this mop that I call hair FOR YEARS. You know how you find the people that for real love you and the ones that you should keep in your life?! You look like this and they stick around and still think you look ok. THAT'S HOW. All of the people that I consider my "true friends" have pretty much either seen me with this exact haircut or something equally as atrocious and THEY LOVE ME ANYWAYS. How, I don't know, but they do.

Can you believe that I actually had a boyfriend when I had this hair? I mean, not at twelve, but my hair wasn't much different at fifteen than it is right here (except my bangs were- thankfully- longer) and I had a boyfriend. Two actually. Not at the same time or anything, but I had a "boyfriend" (isn't it hilarious how we all said we had "boyfriends" when we were preteens, but we didn't even really talk to each other?!) in Tennessee and then one when we moved to Florida (don't worry, I talked to him).

Do you see why I don't wear bangs AT ALL anymore? I had huge bangs when I was in elementary school (thanks, mom) and I had these bangs until I was almost sixteen (again, thanks mom) and from sixteen to about twenty-four, I had side bangs. Now that I've finally gotten them to grow out (#thankful) I try to avoid any hairstyle that has bangs or could accidentally turn into them (I know you don't think that could happen, but trust me, it can).

Pale skin and Jeff Foxworthy hair (with a ginger hue). Clearly, I've always been quite the catch.