Sunday, April 9, 2017

Beauty and the Beast. (Momma and I went and seen it).

As an avid lover of Beauty and the Beast for as long as I can remember, I have to say, this movie did the original proud. I loved it!! In fact, even though I currently feel horrible and like I might kill over at any moment (#toothacheprobs), I still wanted to go and see this movie.


And "Kid Katie" was very happy that "Adult Katie" made that decision.... because Beauty and the Beast is just something that I have loved for my entire life and get involved in anytime I get the chance. The animated version? Got it (originally on VHS and now on DVD). The play? Seen it. Live action movie? Go ahead and stick that one under my belt too.

And sure, in the animated version Belle was kind of whiny and may have had a slight case of Stockholm's Syndrome, but damn y'all, isn't it worth it to see that library and a dancing f*cking candelabra?! And if you think no, then I'm pretty sure that we can't be friends, because we can't possibly have anything in common and would probably hate each other.

This version made all of those little things that never made sense, but we just rolled with, make sense. Townsfolk forgetting there was royalty and a giant f*cking castle full of people hanging out a little ways away? Explains it. Why does everyone think Belle is so weird (it couldn't have just been that she could read!)? Got it. Why all of the servants got punished along with The Beast? It's in there.

And the musical numbers were incredible and the acting was superb and basically I just loved it (I was sad that the bird scene wasn't there, though). And when it comes out on DVD, I'm probably going to have to own it, because that's how great it was. I'd watch it repeatedly. And we (Momma and I) were both really excited to still get to share something like this all these years later.