Thursday, October 1, 2015

I disappeared for a couple of weeks.

(Only from the internet though).

I haven't written a blog post in almost two weeks. Actually, it would be over two weeks since I technically wrote my last post and scheduled it, but let's not get all technical today. I'm too tired for it. I do have a reason for being so absent though. A good reason? I don't know, but it is a reason.

We moved.

Well, we're still moving stuff, so I guess "we're moving" is a more accurate description, but there it is. That's the reason. We (and by we I mean they decided and I was like- whatevs) decided to move from our two bedroom apartment into a three bedroom house. This decision came from the fact that a few months ago Greg decided he needed to come live with us for awhile and we came to the realization that if that was going to happen, we needed more space.

Besides, the people we were renting our apartment from weren't taking care of the landscaping/cleaning, they wouldn't fix anything when you called the office for maintenance, people trash everything and they started having sticky fingers. We've had things stolen, it's loud even at night from where people yell and let their children run around until one o'clock in the morning and someone attempted to write on the fender of our car. Luckily for me, I can't bring myself to be offended by someone when they can't even properly spell what it is they're trying to call me. Sorry, not sorry.

So, with our lease coming to an end, we started looking at bigger apartments and houses. It took awhile, but we finally found the one that would suit us just fine. It's a three bedroom, one bath house. It's got living room, kitchen, laundry room and additional room (whatever that means- I assume people can use it as a dining room, office, or playroom). It's got a two car garage and a decent size yard. It comes complete with some real friendly neighbors and right around the corner from Aunt Poot and Uncle Darrell. Not too shabby.

[[Side note: Our neighbors were talking to Greg the other day and informed him there's a guy that lives on the side street connected to ours that is a on-again/off-again crack addict. Apparently he'll be clean for a month or two and then he'll go on a bender for a month or so. And the only reason they told us this is, because apparently when he's on a bender he's been known to break into houses to steal things to support his habit. They said that he's never broken into their house and they've never had any trouble out of him, nor has anybody directly around us, but he is known for it. I informed them that they might want to make it known that he might be a crackhead only 65% of the time, but I'm crazy 100% of the time, so if he goes breaking into our house, I have no qualms about beating him with a bat, shooting him in the foot, or stabbing him in the leg with a screwdriver. I don't deal well with crackheads or thieves. Believe it or not, they were on my side about this.]]

Like I was saying, moved(or ing). After Momma and I moved into our apartment last October, we both said that we weren't moving again for a really long time. Honestly, we're just over it and moving is incredibly hard. It's just an unpleasant part of life. But, when Greg talked to us about coming back home, we knew realistically that we would have to so we could accommodate the extra person and all of his belongings. I tried to ignore it and was hoping everybody else would to, just so I wouldn't have to do all of this, but guess what? To no avail, and I knew that, but you can't blame a girl for trying.

[[Another side note: Momma and I counted how many times we've moved and just since we've had Tayder the total was eight. That's not counting all the times before that (a lot).]]

And in all actuality, I'm real happy that we moved (again, or ing) and that Momma and Greg are much happier now. It doesn't really phase me, like I said, I've never been real picky when it comes to house, apartment, trailer, etc. As long as Momma is good and I have a place to live, shower, watch tv, I'm good.

We've been moving things this whole week (we signed the lease on Monday). Aunt Poot and Uncle Darrell have been our biggest helps (like always, they're awesome) and Ashley came over after work today and helped us get the rest of our "big stuff" (i.e. beds, hutch, curio cabinet, recliner). Have I ever mentioned that she's awesome? Because if not, let me just tell you- she is.

And let me tell you, we are all worn out. Momma's little foot is swollen and sore, poor Aunt Poot is sick, Greg is himself (we've worked all week and moved things after work) and I'm tired and sore. You should see me wash my hair at this point, it's hilarious. My arms are so sore that I can barely lift them long enough to wash my hair. (Also, I hurt my back. Again. And can barely move without being in pain. Again. Go figure.) I kind of just want to take a shower (actually I want someone to give me one, because- sore) and lay down in the fetal position on the mattress (it's on the living room floor at this moment), let the fan hit me in the face and sleep for like three or four days.

It's been crazy. I've been up until midnight or after every night this week (I get up at five in the morning for work) trying to get everything moved, cleaned and taken care of. You know, the usual. We only have (probably) one trip of boxes/totes left and then we're done and will be permanently done with the apartment. Well, after we get the rest of the boxes/totes out I have to vacuum and patch any holes that I missed, but other than that, we're done. Momma and Greg are going with Uncle Darrell early Saturday morning to get our stove/refrigerator and Aunt Poot said she found us a washer, so all we'll need is a dryer and we'll be good to go. We're almost there.

Moving is exhausting and I need a drink!!