Thursday, October 2, 2014

It must be something in the air.

Ok, so I have something to tell y'all. Remember a couple weeks ago when I was talking about Walt Disney, but I wasn't really talking about Walt Disney? I was basically talking about "the next step", but I was being incredibly vague, because it's just more fun, and also I didn't want to jinx anything. Well, it seems like everybody else has been doing these posts lately, I guess I'll just join in:

We're moving.

I know, I know. Y'all are incredibly excited for me. Thank you. Now, I'm not moving out of state, or to be closer to my guy {I don't have one}, but I am moving. Momma and I have been apartment hunting for awhile now, and we found one that we kind of fell for. It's set back a little bit so it feels like you have more of nature around you. It's under new management/owners and has been getting improvements made for about a year now. The one we were looking at is a little 2 br/1 ba, with a living room, dining room, kitchen, and decent size closets. Some say small, we say cozy and less to clean. The compound {Does that sound too cult-y?}, ok complex, also has laundry areas, a gym, indoor/outdoor pools, jacuzzi, and daycare. It seems pretty awesome.

Well, yesterday I got the call. We got the apartment. That's right, it's all ours. And we get to move in Saturday. THIS Saturday. The nice lady is calling me back today to fill me in on all of the details, but it's definitely ours!! It's been a long two years. It's hard not being able to have your own space and all of your stuff {excluding clothes} in a storage unit. But now that's not gonna be a problem. Because I am now {What do they call you when you sign a lease instead of buy a home? leaser?} a tenant. Thank you, thank you. Now we just have to pack the things we do have at Uncle Kenny and Jim's house, get all of the details for the apartment, get everything turned on, buy the things we need, get groceries, ask for help, and you know, actually do the MOVING part. Wish me luck.
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