Thursday, October 6, 2016

Confessions. (A link-up).

Linking up for some confessions (and in the interest of full disclosure, it's my first time.... with Nadine, that is).

-I am taking a half day at work Thursday and the whole day on Friday off, because Momma is having her second eye surgery. I'm a complete worry wart when it comes to her, so I like to be there (and she likes me to be there) for serious things like that.

-Speaking of work, I very recently got a promotion (my bosses words) and I have to admit, I'm pretty happy about it. While it's nothing crazy, I do feel like it has a bit more of a purpose at the company I'm employed at and knowing that we're stepping our game up is always a good thing.

-I cooked ribs for supper last night and realized after they were already going that we were out of bbq sauce. I tried to make some with a googled recipe and failed miserably. Like, crashed and burned.

-Have y'all heard about that movie The Shallows? I totally want to see it as shark movies are in my top three favorite kinds of movies, but.... I'm completely terrified of sharks. I know, it makes absolutely no sense and it's why I want to but also can't bring myself to learn how to deep sea dive.

-I prefer to stay at home and watch tv/eat/drink alcohol with Momma and our dog than to go out and deal with people. (And I'm not even a little bit sorry about it).

-This weather has been completely insane and I think Mother Nature is going through some emotional turmoil right now. It was in the low 60s for a few weeks and this week has been in the 80s. I'm a cold weather type of person.... bring it on. While I don't prefer freezing rain and/or snow, I do enjoy low temperatures. And this weekend is supposed to take us back down!

-I haven't done a link-up in a very long time, but I'm loving the randomness of it. Afterall, nothing says me quite like randomness.... and sarcasm. Definitely randomness and sarcasm.

-The month of Halloween is my absolute favorite. Cheers.