Monday, October 10, 2016

Currently- what's new with you?!

I've decided to try another link-up.... this time with Kristen and Gretch.... we'll see how this goes. Am I too late?.... Is this how this thing works?.... Am I doing this right?.... I guess we'll never know, but I'm going to keep rambling in any event.

(Totally unrelated: I had the strangest dream about a friend of mine last night.... a guy friend. And while he would just laugh if I told him about it, I don't find it as hilarious as he would.... that's not true, it's pretty hilarious. Moving on.).

What's New With You

Loving: The fact that Fall weather seems to be sticking around. Have I told y'all that I'm a Fall type of girl?! I totally am. It was cool for a few weeks, then it got back in the 80s (FIYAH!), and now it's back down to 60s-70s. While that's still a little warm for Fall, it's getting closer. Dude, I took out our window a/c's this past weekend.... please don't make me regret it.

Reading: Nothing fun right at the moment. I keep meaning to pick up "Samantha Irby's: Meaty" and read it through (I have the book, just haven't got to get going on it yet), but right now my eyesight isn't loving the idea of tiny words, so the majority of my "reading" is reserved for work. That reminds me.... I have to call the eye doctor.

Thinking about: Momma's eye surgery post op (it's today).... that weird ass dream.... my dog.... how hungry I seem to be at the moment.... candy.... how I should probably get Christmas cards to start sending out soon, but can't seem to let go of Halloween thoughts long enough.... the Gettysburg Address.... that reminds me, I want to watch National Treasure.

Looking forward to: Is Monday too early to look forward to the coming weekend? Look into that and get back to me, will ya?

Watching: Another great thing about Fall? Your favorite shows starting back up for the season. (Although my favorite show starts and runs in the Spring/Summer- I'm looking at you The Night Shift). I watch a few different shows that have started back up for their respective seasons (NCIS: New Orleans, Scorpion, The Big Bang Theory, Chicago P.D.), but we actually decided to try a couple of new shows out that premiered this season (Kevin Can Wait, Designated Survivor, etc.) and I landed on my new Fall favorite.... Lethal Weapon (Watch it, live it, love it). And of course, with it being October.... HORROR movies (and Halloween Wars).... Oh, and very recently (like, literally this past weekend) I've become somewhat obsessed with- Worst Bakers in America. It's just so damn entertaining.

Enjoying: The cooler weather.... the breezy evenings.... all the food that I've been continuously shoving into my face (I have insatiable hunger during cooler weather.... always have).... the fact that wearing moccasins and sweats all day/err day is acceptable again (please, like I ever stopped.... I didn't).

Working on: Learning all the new things that come along with this new "job trial.... thing" that we have going on. I pretty much know the majority of it, but there are a few new things that I don't even have a small clue about. Wish me luck, because if I screw this up.... well, I just really don't want to screw it up.