Monday, October 24, 2016

Hummin.... uhhh.... what kind of cake?!

Have y'all ever heard of hummingbird cake?

If not, I'm going to go ahead and tell you that it's a whole lot less disgusting than it sounds (i.e. no hummingbirds were injured in the making of this cake).

I was actually pretty young the first time that I had heard of it (it's a widely popular southern dessert), but hadn't ever had the opportunity to try it (and probably wouldn't have depending on my age, because I would've been under the impression that it was bird cake.... no thanks).

Recently I had stumbled upon it (I don't even remember what I was reading that mentioned it), and once I learned what it actually was, I had to give it a try. Afterall, who doesn't want this kind of snack lying around for a chilly/tv watching treat on a weekend (i.e. it pairs great with alcohol)?

The recipe (I just googled "easy hummingbird cake recipes") calls for: yellow or white boxed cake mix (for us lazy folks that like our shit at least 1/2 made already), bananas, maraschino cherries, crushed pineapple, cinnamon, pecans or walnuts, and I'm sure some other stuff that I can't remember at the moment.

(Side note: Some of the best advice that I have ever received came from my cousins husband regarding bananas. He told me, "always banana to mouth, Katie, never mouth to banana." Duly noted.).

And I say that, because the first time that I followed the recipe my cake fell apart, tasted weird, and in all honesty wasn't all that great. The second time that I made it (this past Saturday evening), it was much better. It's traditionally a two-three layer cake.... but I can't accomplish a layered cake to save my life (Duff Goldman, I am not), so I just made a one layer cake, because it's my cake and I could.

In almost all of the "easy cake recipes" that they offer on this, they always say not to get the box cake mix that has pudding in it.... I'm here to tell you that pudding is delicious and it can only help. Pudding haters. The recipe also wasn't very specific on whether or not you make the cake like its box says, or to just go by their recipe.... I followed box directions. Then to it I added, almost a whole jar of chopped maraschino cherries, one can of crushed pineapple, three mashed bananas, one teaspoon of cinnamon, and baked at 350° until the toothpick that I inserted in the center came out clean (around thirty-five to forty minutes.... I think).

And then once it cooled I put cream cheese frosting (that I had mixed chopped walnuts into) on the top of it and it was delicious. It's a really sweet kind of cake, so don't plan on being able to eat a bunch of it at once (if you're a glutton like me), but you should at the very least try it. I shared mine (because I'm just nice like that) and we still have leftovers.... I'm not sad about it.