Tuesday, January 17, 2017

If. If. If. If. If.

There could be some kind of motivational quote for "if".... but I can't find it (just "what if" quotes), so I'm just going to spew random things that I probably need to do (or have done), but I have limited motivation for the day.... be gentle.

If cable doesn't quit being so expensive: we're going to have to turn all of it off and live like it's 1986 (i.e. no cable, wifi, or telephone).... oh, wait! We've already done that. Momma told them to turn our service off (without warning) and like I said, it's 1986. Except we have a blu-ray player.... but no wifi, so you can't stream anything. We can watch blu-rays/dvds, and I own Blue Collar Comedy, so.... win? Hopefully we'll find a service with cheap wifi and get it hooked back up, so we can stream Netflix and such again, but cable? That's a negatory, Ghost Rider.

If I weren't such a chicken shit: I would chop every single bit of my hair off and start rocking one of those short little pixie cuts (I think?) like Lauren Cohan. Say what you want about The Walking Dead (or her character on Supernatural/The Vampire Diaries.... apparently people have a whole lot to say about those?), but that girl can rock some short hair. Don't get me wrong, she's a beautiful gal and can pull of long tresses too, but short hair? She owns that shit.

If today were a friend of mine's birthday: (it is), I would leave said friend a birthday message along the lines of this: Happy Birthday!! You should be told that you're special every single day.... but on this day especially. I could never tell you what it is I actually want to tell you, because even I don't know what it would be, but I just wanted to let you know that you're thought of on this day.... one day of many. It's so very comforting to know that no matter how old I get, and however many old age habits hit me in the face, that you will reach them all just a little bit before me. I hope you have the most fantastic day that you could ever have and that it's full of love, fun, laughter, friends, and family. You deserve it all, wish you were here.... Happy Birthday. (P.s. Momma says Happy Birthday, she loves you, and she misses you too.).

If I remembered anything about my banking system: (I don't unless I look about a million things up) I would do my taxes just so they would be done and over with. Dani taught me how to do my own taxes three or four years ago and needless to say it's saved me $200+ a year doing them myself. Just call me Han, because I'm Solo(ing) it on this one. Did that sound as strange to read as it did when I said it n my head?

If it was later in the week: I wouldn't currently be calling Tuesday "day two of the hostage situation." Somehow it's been an incredibly long week.... and it's only Tuesday. I want it to be later, but what I want doesn't really seem to help.... therefore, here we are. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning and I almost fell back asleep after I turned my alarm off. I was trying to will myself awake.... and had very little to no "will."