Friday, June 30, 2017

I like to switch back and forth between The Walking Dead and whatnot.

Coral. CORAL. CORRAAALLLLLLL! Yeah, he still hasn't learned to stay in the f*cking house.

Remember when I talked about binge-watching The Walking Dead and then I said I had for the most part given up? Well, guess what?! I changed my mind. I know, that's so completely out of character for me, **coughcough full of shit coughcough** but here we are. I have three episodes of season four left and what the f*ck is even happening?!

While I remember like four years ago I watched the season four premiere (and I think also the second episode?!) I quickly had to give it up (against my will), but I had never really got to watch the first three seasons, so I was pretty damn confused.

While I admit I was a bit skeptical on whether or not I was going to love Michonne on the same level as I love Glenn/Daryl/ Maggie/Hershel etc (strictly because I couldn't figure out WHY anyone would want to hang out with only Andrea on the regular) she very quick, fast, and in a damn hurry became one of my all time favorites. How can she not be? She's just so matter-of-fact and badass, she totally gets my eternal character devotion. Why she loves Andrea and Carl so much I'll never know, but either way, I got mad love for her. And honestly, could Danai Gurira be anymore beautiful while kicking ass and staring a bitch down?! I THINK NOT.

Did no one see this whole Lori being a giant pain in the ass/inconvenience while pregnant thing? While I admit it's easier to sympathize with a woman in the zombie apocalypse when she has a giant pregnant belly, if anybody forgot how much trouble she had caused and how much of a pain in the ass that she had been in the past.... y'all are crazy. Watching Maggie have to cut her baby out of her and Carl shoot her in the head though.... ok, I'll give you that, shit got real.

Speaking of Maggie.... I appreciate the fact that her and Glenn have pulled through and are still together. Because let's be honest, the apocalypse has got to be stressful as f*ck and we all know what stress can do to a relationship. But they're still going strong even through Merle/The Governor. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure shit won't be the same after Hershel's death (NOOOO!!!!!!) and since they're currently separated I don't know when they'll see each other again, but I firmly believe in Glenn + Maggie.

Speaking of Merle....

I wasn't one bit surprised when it turns out that he's still alive.... or the fact that he had hooked up with a crew of villains. I love that he turned on it all for Daryl, but come on dude, Carol will SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE over Daryl. And while I feel he redeemed himself (and I always thought he was hilarious), he was still an asshole. You know, his natural personality. But I knew as soon as he let Michonne go, he had a plan, because through it all it was all about Daryl.... watching Daryl actually having to put Walker Merle down was devastating.

Can we all just agree that Milton is awesome?! Like, #TeamWalkerMilton4Life. He was a little iffy when he was alive (although I liked him for the most part), but he ended up being funny (him and Hershel had some good laughs), and he bit Andrea, so Milton is good in my book.

Oh, The Governor.

Before Milton bit the bullet.... and Andrea.... they both had prime opportunities to kill Psycho Phillip aka The Governor. While Milton had his chance, there was no better chance than Andrea had. She literally could have slit his throat while he slept (what is it with her banging the crazies?!) and then Hershel could still be alive, Axel (the only prisoner I liked) could still be alive, there is just a plethora of shit that could be different. And that whole two episodes dedicated to The Governor to get me to have sympathy for him and try to get me a little bit on his side?! HOW DARE THEY. Didn't work even a little. Besides Michonne told you she was gonna kill the shit out of you, and I had no doubt in her at all.

I'm not a bit surprised that the family he hooked up with is now in a shitty situation. The little girl is dead (totally seen that coming), Martinez is dead (after he took your dumbass back in! he should've known better), the mom he was sleeping with ended up shooting him in the face (after Michonne took care of business!), and poor Tara has run off somewhere. I don't know where she is, but I know her girlfriend is dead as shit (thanks to crazy Lizzie) and she's probably lost somewhere. I hope they find her/she joins them, because I think I like Tara.

Aside from Hershel (insert all the tears here), Axel, and Merle, we lost some real good other ones.... I didn't care about Lori or Andrea, but T-Dog?! COME ON. I know he saved Carol and who knows how many more, but I'm still sad about the way that went down.

Yay, Kyle Gallner!! **literally 25 minutes later** Dammit. #RIPKyleGallner

Now the prison is gone (after the last 1.5 seasons was spent building it into a home) and countless people are dead, everybody is separated (I think Daryl has Beth or something?!), Carol is gone (for now.... I think she'll be back.... Rick was SO sensitive about her killing a couple of people), Tyrese is with those little girls (I don't care what anybody says, that oldest one is a little psycho), Glenn and Sasha can barely move (that flu/sickness really got them all down.... I was totally worried about Glenn!), Rick is beat the f*ck up on a whole new level, and I still have three episodes left in the fourth season.

And while Carl is being a little asshole (you know, his natural state), I'm hoping my opinion of him can still turn around, because you can't have the whole "pudding" talk without a little laughter.

Rick: "it's good that you found more food" Carl: "I found more.... but I ate it" Rick: "that's ok.... what was it" Carl: "....... 112 ounces of pudding" **immediate laughter from them and me ensues**

And also that knock on the door? YES. Way to come in there Michonne!!