Thursday, February 18, 2016

It's like a scene from a Mad Max movie out there.

(People are starting to get "cabin fever").

This weather can't make up it's mind and therefore everything is in utter chaos. People are psychotic, birds don't know which way to fly and the supermarket rarely has bread and alcohol stocked on their shelves. It's like the apocalypse has come. Remember the first scene in 28 Days Later? It's just like that.

Kidding..... mostly. Things are really confusing though, because the weather can't decide what's happening. Over the weekend I wore just a tshirt and my long sleeve flannel and had to take it off at some point because it got so warm. And then by Monday night the temperatures had plummeted so by early Tuesday morning we were greeted with snow and ice for the drive to work.

Fun times.

But don't worry, we're all staying eternally optimistic (that's a lie) and the good news is that as of yesterday (Wednesday- February 17) we have a pretty new furnace installed in our house. Ours has been screwy since the beginning of January (on and off) and finally the company we rent from okay-ed the furnace guy to put in a new one (yayyyyyy!!!!!!).

Despite all of this cold happening and sickness going around (and trust me when I say there's A LOT of that) we're all just kind of dealing with it and going through our normal routines. And wearing more layers than usual.

And watching Justified while snuggled up with our pups in the evenings (maybe that's just me).