Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The week before a holiday (mostly work, but a little personal too).

A week from today is July 4th and that means not only am I off next Tuesday, but this week is incredibly sloooowwwwww. Seriously, I'm pretty sure most people take vacation knowing we still need shit to get done. It's utter insanity.

It also means that we'll be off for two days, come to work for one, be off one again, and come back for three. If that's not going to screw with us then I don't know what will. Dani and I were discussing this yesterday and she said she's not sure how long we'll even be here Monday, because it will be that slow.... cut to fifteen minutes later when she said we might not even come in on Monday at all. That would mean four days off in a row.

*record scratch* You have my full and undivided attention.

Whether that happens or not remains to be seen, but to say that I'm not secretly hoping would be a lie. Seriously, that's like 96+ hours of doing whatever in the f*ck I want to. I say that like I won't have to mow grass, clean house, do laundry, cook, and see people. All of those things aside, FREEDOMMM!!

And yes, I feel the need to quote Mel Gibson/William Wallace with such frequency. If it's good enough for Mel, then it's good enough for me (because we love each other.... he just doesn't know it). The point is, Mel understands how great that would be and so do I. Do you ever feel like weekends just aren't long enough? If so, just know, it happens to me too. If not, my bad, yo.

Also today they will be starting to do our HVAC work in our office/new room that we had built on. While it will be a pain in the ass to begin with, it will hopefully make life a lot easier. Not to mention it will be nice for everything to be done so we can go ahead and rearrange our office and be done with it all.

We're also getting different carpet in our office (to match the new room), but once everything is done, we'll have more room and hopefully it will make things a bit more streamlined.... probably not, but here's hoping. 

Thursday is also the last day for my paper tags on my car and I need to go get license plates, but I STILL DON'T have the paperwork for my car back. I've talked to the Finance Manager at the place I bought the car and she has assured me that since it is a problem with the BMV that I can go and give them my Vin# and since it's in "the system" I can get my plates. I don't feel like that's how it works, but I really hope it is, because I'm about to not be able to drive my car.

You ever notice that things just start to close in all at once? Ugh.... here's hoping.