Thursday, July 20, 2017

4,017 days (give or take one or two) late.

So.... on Tuesday (7/18) I went and took my Driver's test. And.... I actually passed it on the first try. Now, I know you're thinking, "but Katie, you're twenty-seven, why didn't you already have your license?" and to that I say, let that shit go.

Like, Elsa would.

This past December I had went and gotten my permit and while I wanted to go and take the test exactly six months later (how long I had to hold the permit) I was unaware of the fact that you had to schedule your exam.

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Back in the day you could just go into the BMV and they had someone there to give you your exam just like every other thing.... then again, they also used to make your license plates and ID cards/licenses right there that day and now they give you a paper substitute and you have to wait for 10-14 business days to receive them via mail, but I digress.

I tried to make my appointment online, but it doesn't allow you to make the appointments more than two weeks in advance and they had NOTHING in that time frame. So, when Momma and I had to go in and get our plates for Ricardo I went ahead and scheduled it.

And then proceeded to have a constant anxiety attack for the next three to four weeks.

But, aside from my little insecurities, I'm fairly comfortable in my car now. I'm still scared shitless in others, but I'm pretty good in mine. And while that doesn't sound like a big "to do" to anybody else, it is to me, as it's a fear that I've been struggling with for the past eight years.

I decided to try and overcome this fear months ago and slowly, but surely have made progress. At least, that's what they keep telling me. And by "they" I mean me and my occasional passenger. With everything that's been happening with Momma, between the eye surgeries, and her emergency surgery, (not too mention her stroke three years ago), I really couldn't have made this decision at a better time (except if I would have made it like, ten years ago- NOT THE POINT).

Now, I have a license. Like, not a baby license, but a regular one. You know what this means? Watch out, people.

And by "watch out" I mean, I drive the speed limit and try to follow all the rules of the road, so I'm not one of those "I don't know how to use my f*cking blinker" type of people.