Sunday, July 30, 2017

My thoughts on the first season of Riverdale. (Part V).

Some shit went down this hour, friends. While things are left is a mess.... I have heard rumors that Season Two starts on October 11th and that it will be available on Netflix the very next day (October 12th), so hopefully this is a true thing?

This hour you get to see a mess.... and some closure.... and some kisses.... and then shit gets f*cked up again, because that is the way this show goes.

Let's begin, shall we? Read Part I here, Part II here, Part III here, and Part IV here.

(Season Finale) Episode (Chapter) Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter

Official Synopsis: Archie and Veronica continue to grow closer. Betty is tired of her family acting as if nothing has happened and confronts her mother. Jughead finds himself in an unexpected situation, leaving Archie and the gang scrambling. Hermione makes Fred an offer that seems too good to be true. Meanwhile, the truth about the Blossoms’ family business is revealed, leaving Cheryl to take matters into her own hands.

My thoughts: So.... the Blossom family maple syrup business was really a front for a heroin ring?! Why are people still so surprised when rich people are caught up in drugs and deceit? You need to calm your tits, Sheriff Keller.... Billy Loomis FP ain't gonna tell you shit. I know it, you know it, even Jughead knows it. How is shit already back to being so creepy and cold at the Cooper house? Like, we're just all gonna pretend that the last twelve episodes haven't happened and that Polly isn't pregnant with her cousin's baby? Not Betty.... Betty knows this is bullshit. There's just a random Cooper brother out there somewhere?! I think it's awesome that Betty wants to write an article calling the town out on its bullshit and the fact that they're just trying to blame/exile Juggie, because of his dad, but nobody has even mentioned that the rich dude was the murderer/drug kingpin. *insert eyeroll here* Screw you, Mayor McCoyJuggie is apart of Riverdale!! I think it's great that Betty published that article.... I think the whole bloody locer thing was an overreaction. No one cares that Archie and Veronica are dating now.... it's like Betty said, Archie, she's with Jughead now and they're happy SO MOVE ON AND DON'T RUIN IT. Juggie giving Betty that side-eye when she called out that they were together is adorable. Cheryl apologizing to Juggie is so well deserved. NO.... Juggie CANNOT transfer and leave! I'm not ok with this.... and he just went and did it without telling them about it? To make things easier? Your friends/girlfriend ain't going down that easily without a fight. I know you want to keep Betty safe, but she is not giving up that easily. What is Cheryl Blossom up to? Her mom better chill, because Cheryl is about to f*ck some shit up.... what's that text say, Veronica? TOLD YOU. Oh no.... they're just totally ignoring that they could all die to run across the ice and save Cheryl. Poor Cheryl.... yeah, I said it. Damn Archie, my hand hurts just watching you punch through that ice.... those poor kids. So, Hermione just fired the Serpents even though they had their backs when the chips were down? So much for loyalty.... I agree with Fred. That talk that Juggie and FP have? Amazing.... FP knows what he needs to tell Juggie and Juggie knows what his dad needs too.... oh, you guys. Ok, I guess Archie really does deserve to have his song sung at the jubilee. Don't be nervous about your speech, Betty.... Juggie showed up to support you. In her speech, Betty says that everyone in the town is the essence of Riverdale - even people they attempt to shun, like FP and Jughead. She says that Riverdale needs to do better to prevent something like Jason’s murder from happening again. She finishes her speech, and Jughead leads the audience into applause. That's right, three cheers for Betty Cooper!! Hip hip!! HOORAY!! Cheryl is burning down the Blossom family mansion (did she remove Nana Rose, hopefully first?) and her mom is PISSED. I told you not to mess with crazy ass Cheryl!! The gang (JuggieBetty Archie, & Veronica.... where's Kevin?!) are celebrating at Pop's.... I don't think they're gonna let things end this nicely. Ugh, I am over this whole "Archie & Veronica" thing. Back to the important stuff.... Jughead and Betty. (While at FP's trailer alone) Betty"I'm not givng up on him, Jug.... not until he's out." Jughead"Hell no.... that is why I love you, Betty.... I love you.... Betty Cooper." Betty"Jughead Jones.... I love you." Aw, they love each other and now they're gonna kiss.... whoa, who knew Juggie had that much upper body strength? Must be all that construction work. No one cares that Archie is hooking up with Veronica, he has literally hooked up with like fourteen people this season. But Betty and Juggie? That's a first.... I love that they're really into it and when there's a knock on the door interrupting them, Juggie is immediately like "is that your mom?!" Ha! That would so be like Alice Cooper to show up right about now. It's the Serpents.... and they have Juggie's back, because they "take care of their own" like FP did? Juggie is gonna be a Serpent?! Can you let a Highschool Sophmore into your gang? He looks pretty happy to put on that leather.... and Betty looks freaked.... and now Juggie looks freaked looking at her.... I bet she didn't see this coming like three minutes ago when she thought she was just gonna get to sleep with her boyfriend.... y'all, please survive this. Don't listen to ArchieVeronica.... he's sneaking out, but it's to meet Fred at Pop's for breakfast, so it's ok. Hi, Dylan McKay Fred!! Wait.... what's happening? Holy shit, that dude has a gun! Get away from Pop's! Stay back, Archie!! I feel like he's not there for Pop's.... this is all WAY TOO convenient.... NO!! Did he shoot Fred?! Did Archie jump in front of the gun?! DID HE SHOOT FRED?! Holy hell, he shot Fred!! Somebody call 911!! Get Fred some help!! What?! To be continued until next season?! OH, YOU HAVE GOT TO BE F*CKING KIDDING ME.

Jughead's Input: "Jason’s murder had revealed some dark truths none of us were too eager to face, especially not Mayor McCoy, who wanted every last vestige of corruption crushed, like a snake under a boot heel."

Final Thoughts at the End of Season One: I CANNOT wait until season two of this show comes out. Like, they need to get on this shit.... I hope Betty and Juggie can survive all this. And Fred. Oh, come on, Fred.... you, Juggie, and Betty all pull through!!