Thursday, August 3, 2017

Yeah, if y'all could go ahead and just release the second season of Stranger Things.... that would be great.

Back in August 2016 I watched that show- Stranger Things. And by "watched" I mean, I binge-watched the shit out of that show and was immediately sad that there weren't more episodes. Like, how y'all (The Duffer Brothers/Netflix) gonna do that to a girl?! Can't you just release it earlier like- SURPRISE?!!


Thankfully, they are bringing out another season.... BUT it doesn't release until the Friday before Halloween of this year (10/27). Guess what this chick will be doing the weekend before Halloween?! That's right, I'll be streaming (which really isn't all that different from any other of my weekends.... moving on). Besides, Halloween is on a Tuesday this year and that's just dumb.

With the first trailer officially released, there are many questions that we all (mainly just me though) need answered as quickly as possible. As in, give us the second season RIGHT NOW, DAMMIT. (Also, I'm still SUPER psyched that it's all good to Winona again.... even though I never stopped #womancrushwednesday). I've decided to rewatch the first season again to make sure that I'm all "caught up" and not forgetting anything for when the second season comes out!!

Can y'all believe that Danielle had to practically yank my hair out to get me to watch this show in the first place?! It's not that I had anything against it, but I usually just try to avoid shows that people are 100% gung-ho about.... ie, Once Upon A Time, Grey's Anatomy, Game of Thrones, etc. But once I watched the first episode.... there was no turning back.

About those questions that I need answered going into the second season:

1. So.... Hopper 100% left those Eggos' in that box in the woods at the end of season one, but.... why does Hopper know she's out there?, is she actually out there?, and what kind of shit is he getting into with these bad scientist bitches? Like, is he doing it to protect the town?, is he doing it to try to bring his daughter back?, and what exactly is it that he is doing? Because I keep asking if he's doing "it" for various reasons, but I don't seem to be able to grasp the "it."

2. WHY did Nancy still choose Steve over Jonathan?! Yeah ok, maybe everybody thinks that Steve redeemed himself, and I'd be lying if I said the dude didn't have majestic hair, but COME ON.... him swinging a bat does not change the fact that he allowed his friends to call Nancy a slut (basically agreeing with them) and being horrible to Jonathan, because he was "upset." And yeah, Jonathan was creepy taking Nancy picture through a window, but it's not like he stalked her there.... he just happened upon her and took the girl he had a crush on picture. WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE.

3. Speaking of Nancy/Jonathan/Steve.... how is Nancy gonna pretend like she doesn't like Jonathan "like that" even a little bit? Girl, you asked him to crawl up into your bed with you so you could feel safe, quit playing. Sure, Steve was the "safe bet" for your days going forward, but it wasn't him that you wanted/needed for comfort. Nor was it him that was there for you throughout the Upside Down, and sure he wasn't there and didn't know what was happening, but WHATEVER STEVE HARRINGTON YOU'RE A LIFE RUINER. #TeamJonathan

4. There are more kids like Eleven, right?! Like, I know they're not as cool as her and I'm not going to love them the same, BUT they exist? Or did they all get murdered by the bad guys?! If they are still alive and not murdered by those creepy ass lab/government guys.... where are they? Are they still at the lab? Has the lab taken more precautions so that they don't escape like Eleven did? Why does nobody know these things and pay attention in this damn town?!

5. Will is currently puking up slugs, so he's obviously not "ok" but how bad is he?! Like, on a scale of 1-10 is HE an Eleven?! Things don't look too promising in the second season promos for Baby Byers, but how bad are we talking here? Is it a PTSD thing? Is it a recurring nightmare thing? Is it a "they can suck me back into the Upside Down with telekinesis only" thing? How bad are we talking here?!

6. How was NO ONE suspicious of this Hawkins Laboratory?! Y'all I get that it's a tiny Indiana town, and as someone who lives in Indiana (heart of the midwest) I get it.... but I wasn't raised in Indiana, I was raised in Tennessee in a town that is actually about the same size as the fictional "Hawkins, Indiana" and you can't do ANYTHING in that town without suspicion and whispers. When the Nestle Water Plant moved into our town, people literally thought a cult was moving in and it was a government conspiracy for almost six months. SIX. I call bullshit on none of these people being suspicious.

7. Is there something worse than the Demogorgon lurking out there?! You know, besides the Kardashians?! Because let's be honest, they're worse than anything that the Demogorgon is spitting out. What else is there lurking in the darkness? Sure, the Demogorgon was (is?) bad, but I'm still not 100% convinced that there was something else stalking Nancy when her and Jonathan got separated for that time. IS THIS STEVE'S FAULT TOO?!

8. This takes place in November 1983 (the second season will pick up in October 1984), so are we going to get a bunch of seasons all leading up and into the 90s? Are we going to skip years and do time jumps? Is this show going to last forever (YES)? Now that Sean Astin is part of the cast are we going to get some iconic Mikey lines once we get to 1985?!

9. Speaking of Sean Astin.... what is his new character and could I love his addition to the cast anymore?! The fact that they have yanked up Sean Astin, king of my little 80s heart, to portray anything in this show just makes me love it more. So, will he be pulling out his Goonies roots to tap into this role and help out?! *see question eight*

10. Will Mike, Lucas, and Dustin (ok fine, and Will) find out that El is around sooner rather than later?! Like, they met her at the very end of the first episode of the first season, so are they going to run into her pretty quickly or are they going to make us wait forever and a day?! MIKE CAN'T TAKE THIS KIND OF STRESS.