Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Is Tuesday morning too late to cry for the weekend that was or too early to cry for the weekend that isn't here yet?

(Can we look into some food right about now?!).

Is it just me or do the weekends seem to fly by without a care in the world? The same thing goes for evenings after work. All day at work yesterday, I swear I was there for at least nineteen hours.... and then.... as soon as I got home, POOF. Evening gone. I looked down before I even realized it and was like- "how in the hell is it already 7:30?" I just didn't know how the madness was possible. But, I mean, I had a burrito and candy for dinner, so who's the real winner in all of this? ME. (And Momma and Tayder).

It didn't do anything, but rain all day Saturday and since it was beyond gross, we stayed in for the day and cleaned and watched movies. (I only minimally cleaned on Saturday, I did the real cleaning on Sunday). Most people would say that's an extremely lazy way to spend a whole day and night, but I don't give a crap; it was great. We ran through The Debt (beyond excellent), The Boss (Melissa McCarthy cracks me up.... and Peter Dinklage? YES.), and Exeter (creepy, and good). Not to mention I made a vanilla cake FROM SCRATCH, because the only sweet thing we had anywhere in our house was a can of chocolate frosting (no worries, I have rectified that situation and gotten candy since). The cake was a lot thicker than you remember, because box cakes are different, but it was pretty good. Try this one.

And of course, poor Tayder has had two baths within three days, because he is the most pitiful little ichibum that you've ever seen in your entire life. And Momma's had a headache that she couldn't shake for about three days, but finally yesterday, we got it shaken.... not stirred (Ha! I got jokes). Sorry, I'm a little delirious. I rolled over this morning and I was just about to pass out again when my alarm started going off (insert sad face here). Oh, and Shelley wants Momma and I to come to her house with Aunt Poot tomorrow, because Madisyn is already a year old (and I'm getting old as shit). I don't know if we're going or not, but I reckon we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Here's to another week and pulling through it. Good luck to us all.