Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Binge-watching is a thing and don't say it's not acceptable.

It's no secret that I watch a lot of television. I do, and I have no regrets about it, because while everyone else is out there "living life" and other things that I have no interest in, I'm cooped up in the AC with my pup, sweatpants on, alcohol in hand, nachos not too far away, binge-watching some pretty worthy television (and some not so worthy, but I'm too lazy to turn it.... quit judging so much).

Can you tell that I love the phrase "binge-watching" more than most phrases? I do. I'm not sure why it calls out to me, but it does and if it were a motto instead of phrase it would be my life motto.

I make make no apologies for this and don't plan to change my tune anytime soon. That aside, I don't think I usually watch the most "popular" shows. The ones I watch are popular, I guess, but they're not Grey's Anatomy (which by the way, I have never watched) or something like that. If someone asked me for advice on which shows to binge-watch (i.e. you kind of really need Netflix, or Hulu, or something to have the "bingeing" capability), these are my top contenders.

Grace and Frankie: First off, if you need a little convincing read this Buzzfeed post and it should give you all that you need, and if not this one definitely should, or you can just take my word for it (and not have any spoilers).

Why you should watch this: It's not your "typical" women have to be clumsy and funny only and the guys are macho and have no emotions kind of show. Everyone is equally funny and plays their part just how you would want them to. The jokes are hilarious, the situations are relatable, and I'm ok with the fact that I'm getting older if it means that I can be like Lily Tomlin.

The Ranch: I was a huge "That 70s Show" fan (and still am). My reigning favorite for its entire run was Steven Hyde (Danny Masterson).... followed closely by Fez (Wilmer Valderrama). While it's Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher (who played Michael Kelso on That 70s Show) that take the reigns on this one, there are plenty of 70s Show reunion.... but it still feels like it's a completely different show (because it is). Even my little buddy Wilmer pops up for a recurring guest spot as Umberto.

Why you should watch this: It's hilarious and you'll probably love it as much as I do. Also, Sam Elliott.... enough said.

Stranger Things: I am a sucker for a good 80s show. One of my very favorite movies growing up (and even now) was The Goonies. I can watch Mikey, Mouth, Chunk, and Data screw with Brand, Andy, Stef, and the Fratelli's all day long. This show is kind of like that.

Why you should watch this: It really is a mix of The Goonies, The X-Files, E.T. (another classic), and Stand By Me (#RIPRiverPhoenix). It's basically all off that and so much more. And since Season 2 won't be released until Halloween of this year **coughcough bullshit coughcough** you have plenty of time to catch up. But remember, #TeamJonathan over Steve's hero hair all day, every day.

Santa Clarita Diet: Oh, Timothy Olyphant, you crack me the hell up. People can literally talk me into watching just about anything as long as they mention that he is in it. Add Drew Barrymore and you have a hilarious match made in heaven. Not too mention it has a couple of great people playing the teens and The Waitress as the neighbor/mom.

Why you should watch this: Did everything I just say not convince you enough already?

On my Netflix queue that I've finished: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (way more than once), The League, Fuller House, Gilmore Girls (and its revival), Sirens (I'm sad this show only lasted two seasons, it's great!).

Also on my Netflix queue in various stages of completion: Criminal Minds, New Girl, Breaking Bad, Burn Notice, The Following, Friends, Dexter, That 70s Show (I watched it the whole time it was on television), Baby Daddy (I haven't started the newest season, because it's the last and that makes me sad), Supernatural, The Blacklist, My Name is Earl, Bates Motel, The Walking Dead, Young & Hungry, Peaky Blinders, Haven, Sons of Anarchy (I watched its entire original series run, so I'm all up on that too).

On my Netflix queue that I haven't started yet: Lost Girl, The Originals, Bitten, The Night Shift (I have watched this show since it premiered so I'm all caught up for the season 4 premiere), Shameless, Parks and Recreation, American Horror Story, Weeds, Bones, The Killing, One Tree Hill, iZombie, Salem, Penny Dreadful, Nikita,